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I'm honored to be able to offer the tools & techniques of yoga to help you find balance in your life.  As someone who has worked a corporate job most of my adult life I've witnessed and experienced the negative impacts of demanding work and life responsibilities.    

Learn more about me and my story below

I hope you know how much it means to me that you're here!  As someone who's yoga journey started off of Youtube in 2015 this feels like a full circle moment.   
My passion for yoga came in 2017 when I completed my teacher training.  

I've partnered with corporate establishments such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Princeton University, Temple University, and Haverford College to provide curated programs for  Black Employee Networks, LGBTQAI+ communities,  Women in the Workforce, and other marginalized populations. 

My classes are often filled with my favorite hip hop and afrobeats songs, laughter, and corny jokes. The more I teach the more I realize how important it is not only to provide access, but to provide acknowledgment of the diverse populations and their realities in yoga classes.  
It's no secret that modern day yoga has strayed from it's humble philosophical origins to a more performative practice of strength and flexibility.  The truth is there is room for it all. 

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OMG so I LOVE your classes. Since the very first one I came to after a friend put me on. And when I tell ppl why they should check you out, I tell them:

"Vibes & Vinyasa is the most amazing mash up of the perfect blk girl yoga space. Cohbe, the instructor, is the best. Her classes are hard but in the best kinda way/ She teaches up, so she encourages you to. push. your limits and the transitions be set up that you don't even realize you're about to do something hard until happening. and then boom. you did it. The Soundtrack is always perfect and sometimes you twerk in ur downward dog, and that's ok too.


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