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Virtual Membership & Wellness Programs 

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With the physical and mental demands of a fast paced career, it's easy to put your well-being last.  Whether you're sitting for 8 hours or on your feet for 12, adding small doses of movement and mindfulness throughout your day can have positive long term effects on your body and brain.  

Corporate CohBE is a virtual library of short, easy to follow yoga & meditation classes for when you need a break, at your desk or on the mat. Classes designed in mind to help alleviate pain and tightness that comes from sitting/standing long hours, relieve stress, and cultivate better concentration and focus. 

Join our virtual membership for only $20/month & have access to all of our yoga & meditation classes that will inspire you to just BE!



Set the tone for your day with powerful mantra's and affirmations


Breathing techniques to help calm and focus the mind.  Great for stress and anxiety or even knocking your next meeting out the park


Stretch, strengthen, and relieve the common physical aliments including, back, knees, neck, wrist, feet, and more


Beat the afternoon slump with quick movement and breathing techniques to help re-energize


Visualization techniques to help you tackle your to do list,  refocus your day, or quickly drift off to sleep


I work with corporate clients to tailor specific programs to meet your company's needs. Some programs include creating a series of classes and workshops for stress regulation, focus & concentration, functional movement, and goal setting. 

I'll work with you to curate classes, workshops or programs that fit your timeline & goals.

Contact me to learn more about corporate wellness for you and your employees. 

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  • Corporate Monthly

    Every month
    Unlimited access to corporate yoga & meditation classes
     7 day free trial
    • 5, 10, 15, & 20 minute videos for quick work breaks
    • You don't always need a mat, yoga right at your workspace
    • Meditations for stress relief, hitting goals, and much more!
    • Classes for back,/neck/& hip pain and much more!
    • Breathing techniques for calming the mind, anxiety, and more
    • New class added every Sunday
  • 3 Month Plan

    Save $5
    Valid for 3 months
    • 6 Month Plan

      Save $10
      Valid for 6 months
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